X-SIT Monitors on the Move

X-SIT Monitors on the Move

Note from the MD

The first weeks of release for the SIT programme in the new season have gone extremely well. We are also expanding to new areas in the Western Cape. The total area to be serviced this year is around 18 600 hectares.

For RB the challenges that face the norther region with the drought are of major concern and we pray that rain will come to assist the producers in that area.

Cheers Rob

X-SIT Monitors on the Move

The two main operational functions in the orchards serviced by X-SIT are the releasing of sterile moths and the weekly monitoring of both sterile and wild moths captured in the traps.Releases   are  mostly  done  by  helicopter  but some areas, mostly under nets, require manual releases which are done by hand and facilitated by using quad bikes for transportation.

Monitoring was also always conducted by quad bike which added up to a total of 17 Monitors which would require transport by a “bakkie and trailer” configuration to specific areas from where it would be safe to operate the quad bikes as they cannot drive freely on the main roads. The movement of quadbikes between farms connected by public roads has always been a logistical challenge and it was decided to roll out a plan to replace the Quad bikes used for monitoring with motorcycles. The roll out started with Citrus orchards not covered by nets. Monitors are in the process of high-Level training to facilitate obtaining their licenses and will be receiving accredited professional driving training, specific to rough terrain. The motorcycles are fully licensed and road legal to be used on all national roads in South Africa. The motorcycles are also specifically designed for low speed farm related operations and maximum traveling speed on open roads are mechanically limited.

We are extremely pleased to not only identify and mitigate risks and reduce complexity in the monitoring process but also at the same time to provide high quality training and skills development. This will ensure that the services we provide can be more effective and efficient and most importantly, conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

Birthdays in October :

Ryan Basson, Felanchia Bugan, Charlton Fortuin, Karools Fransman, Magrieta  Fransman, Kerneels Fryster, Andile Fuyani, Dan-Lee Mentoor, Lilian Mesias, Wimpie Meyer, Siphosethu Mxatule, Luyanda Ndlovu, Karel Olivier, Jan Olyn, Natashè Serra, Jestrin  Snyers, Elick Titus, Reyhana Vadee, Elsa Winterboer