Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018

Note from the CEO

Welcome to 2018. The year has got off to a tough start for both companies due to production disruptions over the Christmas and New Year period in Citrusdal and Business Procedural issues in River Bioscience. All of this has added significantly to operational pressure during our budgeting and future planning efforts. Assisting with this is the wonderfully positive field results being achieved by SIT and strong sales volumes in RB. The immediate challenge for us all, through to the end of this season, is to entrench consistency in the quality and reliability of the SIT delivery and take the control over our production and sales cycle in RB to a new level. Cheers Rob

Honours for X-SIT Staff Member

Heinrich Jacobs has been a part of the XSIT team for the last five months as a Technical Co-ordinator in Kakamas. He was a student at the North West University of Potchefstroom and completed his BSc degree (Geology & Botany) in 2016. Heinrich has now successfully completed his BSc Honours at the end of 2017. His honours was done in the program Environmental Sciences (Integrated Pest Management). In his research project he tested the efficacy of Indoxacarb on non-Bt maize against the new invasive Fall Army Worm (FAW). Having someone with these qualifications is a real benefit for XSIT as IPM consists of four pillars namely: Biological control, Cultural control, Chemical control and Host plant resistance. This slots in with XSIT as we are a company doing biological control through SIT. The IPM Honours program that Heinrich completed also consisted of subjects such as ‘Economic Damage and Threshold Levels’, assisting students with knowledge about when economic thresholds are reached and how to use this data in a IPM program. We congratulate Heinrich and wish him well on a bright future in the RBX Group.

Upcoming Events:

CGA Road Show – End Feb & Start March 2018 RBX Group Birthdays in February: Pypers Ashley, Marshall Damon, Burger du Toit, Fezeka Dyakala, Christina Fransman, Jan Fransman, Marieta Groenewald, Elizabeth Kellerman, Ciska Kruger, Danevico Paulse, Frans September, Altus Smit, Gilbert Titus, Michael Valentyn, Ronaldo Wentzel