Welcome, Chesne!

Welcome, Chesne!

Note from the CEO

In the accompanying article it is fantastic to further introduce Chesne to our community.
His training, focus, attention to detail and experience has already contributed to helping our production process find the stability it needs to consistently deliver. The break between seasons has also seen less changes than over the last few years while on the back of the successes later in last season the team has been able to consolidate protocols and optimise resources to ensure undue pressure is not put on the facility and the rearing process. The first releases of the new season take place this week and moth numbers in the facility have never been so high.
Well Done!! to the whole team lets keep it going! Cheers Rob

Chesne Joins the Team

Chesne Geldenhuys joined the RBX Group as the Citrusdal SIT facility manager on the 1st of July 2018. Born and raised in Cape Town, along with a younger sister, strong moral values were engraved into them from a very young age not only by their parents, but grandparents as well. With his father being in Law enforcement and mother a Librarian the importance of discipline and education in our society were things they were made to appreciate and understand from early on.

He completed his matric at Oval North Technical High School and then studied Mechanical Engineering at the Cape Technikon for 3 years.
He has been married to Liezel for 14 years, and still going strong. They have three awesome kids, Liche(14), Jesse(10) and Chase(4) and they value their family time together.

Some of his hobbies are making custom made furniture, singing, chess and supporting the red half of Merseyside football in England.
In 2000 he started working at Col Timbers in Cape Town for 10 years, then at Universal Timbers, for 2 years and after that he joined Howbill Timbers in the Kouebokkeveld for 5 and a half years.

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