SIP Conference 2018

SIP Conference 2018

Note from the MD

On Wednesday the 26th of September the CGA held it’s AGM and the AGMs for all the companies in the group in Nelspruit. That evening the CGA officially took over the ownership of the CRI Research facilities in Nelspruit and the foundation block in Uitenhage. This was the result of many years of hard work and the conclusion of this helps secure the future of research in our industry.

RBX participates at SIP

The 2018 International Congress of Invertebrate Pathology and Microbial Control, as well as the 51st Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology (SIP), was held on the Gold Coast of Australia in August this year and RBX was represented there by Dr Craig Chambers our groups Chief Entomology and Research (CER).

The SIP was founded in 1967 as an interdisciplinary scientific society that would draw together members from diverse scientific backgrounds under the unified discipline of invertebrate pathology.

The objectives of the Society are:

  • Promotion of scientific knowledge of the pathology of invertebrate animals and of related subjects through discussions, reports and publications.
  • Stimulation of scientific investigations and their applications.
  • Planning, organization and administration of projects for the advancement of scientific knowledge in invertebrate pathology.
  • Improvement of education and of professional qualifications in invertebrate pathology.
  • Promote international cooperation in achieving these objectives.

The presentations at the conference once again confirmed that the level of research currently being conducted in the line of insect pathology is extraordinary and in some instances unbelievable. The presentation covering the insertion of the gene for scorpion venom into a virus genome begs the question…what next? Craig can honestly say that the future of biological control is exciting and it is only a matter of time before new and promising commercial control strategies are introduced to the market.
This is why the RBX Group, along with Colleagues from the CRI, attend these conferences to keep our industry in touch with all the groundbreaking work being done around the world.

RBX Group Birthdays in October:

Ryan Basson, Felanchia Bugan, Charlton Fortuin, Karools Fransman, Magrieta Fransman, Kerneels Fryster, Chesme Kamfer, Ryno Louw, Sinebhonge Made, Dan-Lee Mentoor, Lilian Mesias, Wilhelm Meyer, Ntombisizwe Nxakala, Karel Olivier, Jan Olyn, Natashè Serra, Jestrin Snyers, Leighton Snyers, Elizabeth Swart, Elick Titus, Reyhana Vadee, Elsa Winterboer