Together we are indeed Stronger

Together we are indeed Stronger

As  an  essential  service  during  the  lockdown  it  is imperative  that  the RBX team focuses on supplying the products and services they offer to ensure the agricultural industry remains operational. Although this keeps us busy we are very mindful that we are privileged to be working and know that many people in our communities are much less fortunate.

The RBX Group have been supporting various community initiatives and one of these is through contributions to the CITRUSDAL COVID 19 NEED FUND.  Since the start of the lockdown they have been able to achieve a great amount of work through the provisions of the fund and help of many volunteers.

Individuals and various support organisations that used to work individually have been working together to streamline their services and thereby have the most effect. All acknowledge the strength that has come out of their joint efforts.

The first step was a big awareness campaign, handing out 1,500 soap bars with information leaflets and 1,000 bags of oranges in the informal settlement. Helping to inform all as not everyone has access to the internet.

They have also been able to provide our homeless community members (40) with a place to stay and meals. The feeding side of this is via a fantastic team of volunteers. Another focus has been the backup medical facility consisting of 72 beds that is ready to go. Again achieved by volunteers together with the Department of Health driving this work.

Food hampers are distributed to service users that were known to the Health and Social System as well as the Church.  Along with the hamper they were also able to hand out 3 000 bags of oranges provided by our local Citrus Farmers.  A group has also provided food for our community pets and they distribute the food where necessary.

There  are  further  plans  to  set-up  a  CITRUSDAL  COVID19 HELP LINE where the focus is on households with NO INCOME and they aim to help with the provision of food, clothes and temporary  alternative  job opportunities  in  the  area.



RBX Group Birthdays in May:

Thobani Bisa,  Marince Brown,  Hillsenzo Coetzee, Enrico Ficks,  Magrieta Fortuin,  Meugel Fransman,  Mathew Goddard , Sachelo Kamfer,  Christopher Kapel,  Theunis Lombard,  Keegan Mentoor,  Ngquse Mncedisi,  Andre Moolman,  Eric Nohamba(Director),  Patricia Prince,  Albertus Ruiters,  Dyhan Ruiters, Gerreny September, Anita Smit , Sean Thackeray, Ralton Titus,     Petrus Willemse, Pamela Zinto