The Responsibility of being Essential

The Responsibility of being Essential



Note from the MD

As we move through the first full week of lockdown all of us who work for the RBX Group need to be thankful that our products and services are seen as essential to the health and sustenance of our fellow human beings. So many small businesses, and a number of large ones, are not going to be able to make it through this without significant assistance but we are being asked to continue our work and economic activity.

Being part of an essential service means that the restrictions placed on our fellow South Africans are reduced for us to be able to perform our duties. Like most things in life however, where there are reductions in controls there comes along with it additional responsibility.

It is therefor every RBX employees responsibility to

  1. Keep their movements outside of their home to the absolute minimum to perform their work.
  2. Keep their distance from people at all times and avoid congregating.
  3. Follow all sanitation protocols, work instructions and use the PPE supplied.

Being a member of an essential services means that we need to move around and interact with more people than what is ideal in this situation. This in turn results in the fact that the risk of us being able to catch and or spread this virus is increased but this can be managed by making sure that the distancing and sanitation protocols are strictly followed. This is not only for your own safety and for the safety of your family and fellow workers but for your entire community at the same time.

Following the rules and changing the way we do things will not only help to keep all of us at RBX and all those around us healthy but also give our companies the best chance of surviving this unprecedented global event. The survival of our companies is imperative continue to provide the much needed support to our employees and their dependents, growers and the wider South African economy.

When not at work, stay at home. Wash and sanatise your hands as often as possible but especially before returning to your family and communities after work.

Stay healthy!  Stay safe!  Stay home!

Cheers Rob

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