Taking on Africa

Taking on Africa

Note from the CEO

Despite recent Virus challenges in the X-SIT facility the moth delivery for the season, recapture numbers and positive ratios gives a fantastic spring board into next season. For X-SIT the key is to maintain healthy deliveries to the end of June and prepare for the next season. In RB a large amount of product training for our distributors and partners is in progress to make sure the record volumes of the past season are maintained. Cheers Rob

River Bioscience into Africa

West Africa has the largest subsistence production region of Mangoes in the world (120 000 ha) spread between Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. The World Bank is involved to help these subsistence growers, however, phytosanitary pests are a major issue with more than 150 interceptions from this region last year. After four years of hard work in collaboration with a regional distributor, River Bioscience received registration for both M3’s and Invader B-lok in this region. These are the first bait station and male annihilation technique products in the region so technical training and support was needed. After receiving our first order from Mali, Dr John Opoku-Debrah, our Research Entomologist, went there for a week to do training with officials and farmers. RB’s Sean Thackeray also hosted a delegation from Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria in South Africa. This group included all three countries President of the Mango Growers Association, Head of Africa Fruit Fly Project and a representative from the World Bank. These efforts have been extremely well received and subsequent orders have been received from all countries that have been involved. Sean also headed off to Kenya to attend the 2018 Africa Biocontrols Conference in Nairobi. Most of the players in our industry (local and International) attend this conference and it was a great opportunity for us to meet with potential partners who may take some our of products to East Africa and as well as explore opportunities to meet with manufacturers from around the world.

RBX Group Birthdays in May:

Arnando Baron, Thobani Bisa, Marince Brown, Hillsenzo Coetzee, Enrico Ficks, Magrietha Fortuin, Linda Fransman, Lukas Fransman, Meugel Fransman, Melissa Lloyd, Christopher Kapel, Theunis Lombard, Keegan Mentoor, Ngquse Mncedisi, Andre Moolman, Ivan Rasper, Albertus Ruiters, Dyhan Ruiters, Gerreny September, Anita Smit, Sean Thackeray, Petrus Willemse