Still styling after all these years

Still styling after all these years

Note from the MD

With the group working on a large number of new products and innovations that could well show returns in the future it is important for us not to forget our history and trustworthy products that have got us to where we are.

As per the accompanying article Cryptogran was a ground breaking product when the industry desperately needed a softer alternative and is still something to be extremely proud of. With the first sizable RB sales in and SIT releases starting early September the 2019 / 2020 season is well under way.

Cheers Rob

Still styling after all these years


Fifteen years after its first commercial use our FCM Virus product, Cryptogran, is still making a large impact on the market and is a product that is perfect to support the False Codling Moth Management System. In the last two seasons we have sold more than ever before and when you compare our product to other FCM virus products on the market it is not surprising. Some of the key characteristics include:

-Other virus options are used in a programme of numerous sprays and only give reduction of the population while Cryptogran can be used as a stand alone spray and offers control of the pest.

-At spray volumes below 5 000L per hectare Cryptogran is significantly more affordable and delivers more than 5 times as many virus particles per hectare.

-At Spray volumes above 6 000L we similarly priced to other virus products but deliver 6,5 times as many virus particles.

-The aim is to have as many virus particles as possible on the rind of the fruit and with our particles being more than 8 times cheaper Cryptogran certainly delivers more action for your money.

The key with all virus products is to spray it at the most effective time. When monitoring shows that a flight peak has occurred then the virus should be sprayed 7 to 10 days after that for maximum effectiveness.

We look forward to Cryptogran assisting many of our producers in the 2019/2020 season.


RBX Group Birthdays in September:

Elizabeth Booise, Marlin Brink, Julius Cikolo, Christo Douries, Zonia Fortuin, Birdtro Fransman, Lionel Fransman, Elrico Jafta, Rustum Jansen, Alton Jansen, Cathrina John, Terens-Lee Kamfer, Garreth  Kamfer,Wilhelm Koekemoer, Marshall Mentoor, John Opoku-Debrah, Nombu Polisa, Olwethu Tsewu, Branwon Vallentyn, Madre Van Wyk