River Bioscience adds to it’s Basket of products

River Bioscience adds to it’s Basket of products

Note from the MD

The first month of the calendar year has flown by and there are only two months left until the completion of our financial year. This means that the budgeting process for the 2020/2021 year is well underway. This month will also see the Citrus Roadshow move to the various regions of our country. This happens every second year and alternates with the Citrus summit that is in the other years. The roadshow is an opportunity for all segments of the CGA to update the members on key projects and progress being made on critical issues that face the industry. As the CGA moves into a new levy cycle there will be a great deal to discuss as the way forward is plotted.

Cheers Rob


River Bioscience adds to it’s Basket of products

Almost a year ago River Bioscience signed an agreement with Dudutech for the distribution of our FCM virus product, Cryptogran, in East Africa. While work on this continues and first sales are still some way off, due to the registration process, other areas for collaboration have also been explored. One such opportunity is for RB to represent and distribute some of Dudutech’s products in South Africa.

The products identified are listed in the above table with a brief description of their function and mode of action. All these products are fungi and manufactured through fermentation methodology. To date River Bioscience has not planned on pursuing this type of production as our specialty is virus production through insect rearing. When evaluating River Biosciences’ current product range and immediate pipeline the Dudutech products listed would not be replacing or competing with any products in the River Bioscience portfolio. These products would indeed be providing a valuable extension to our footprint in a growing sector of the biopesticide market.



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