RBX Groups Philosophy, Culture and Values Launch

RBX Groups Philosophy, Culture and Values Launch

RBX launched it’s Business Philosophy in October 2020 that covers “What we Do” and “Why we do it”

What we do: We are bio-technology experts, with our roots in South Africa, manufacturing and commercializing crop protection products and services for local and international Citrus and Other Agricultural markets.

Why we do it:  To support top quality, sustainable and cost-effective crop production in an ecologically friendly manner.

The Group wishes to advance the above business philosophy through a culture commitment to a caring environment based on strong values of which the key values are detailed above.

The Official launch was held over an hour long Zoom session that included 25 different sites from Citrusdal to Kakamas along with Addo, Kirkwood, Patensie, De Doorns, Letsitele, Fort Beaufort and Port Elizabeth.

It  was  the  first  time  so  many  sites and colleagues  had  been  connected  to  one platform and gave a fantastic appreciation of the extent of our groups coverage.                   

The  roll  out  will  continue  over the  next year as all in the group support each other in making  this part  of everyday life as the success of this lies “IN OUR HANDS”.

RBX Group Birthdays in November : Craig Chambers, Carel Du Plessis, Nathan Fransman, Johannes Laubscher, Ethan Nel, Lumka Mdodana, Rachel Mouton, Brenda Nell, Leana Swartz

 ~ Happy Birthday ~

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