Living with Corona Virus

Living with Corona Virus

Note from the MD

X-SIT production for this season has finished in Citrusdal and as the moths develop they will be released up to the end of June. During July the radiation source at the facility will be replaced and the normal repairs and maintenance carried out to prepare for the new season.

Congratulations to all involved in X-SIT for the most successful moth breading season ever. There were only a few weeks in the whole season where moth numbers were under pressure but for the large majority of the time we had more than enough moths to not only supply our clients with a little extra but also help in giving extra attention to Hotspots in a season that has seen a little more moth pressure than the previous two years.

I trust all in Citrusdal will enjoy their break as much as is possible.         

Cheers Rob

Living with Corona Virus

From all reports and indications from authorities it appears that although we have delayed the full onset of the virus by flattening the curve, we like the rest of the world are not able to stop it. The last two months have given our communities and health services a much needed opportunity to prepare for the expected peak of the virus in South Africa that is forecasted to be in quarter 3 of this year.

The company has also been preparing and as we continued to work as essential services we are used to working under Corona restrictions. A large amount of time and resources has been invested in equipping us for what lays ahead and it is up to us all to adhere to the policies and procedures put in place by the company.  These requirements are more than likely going to be valid for a considerable amount of time and therefor needs to become part of how we do things on a day to day basis.

  Making a difference with the Kolisi Foundation

After making some contributions to the Citrusdal community in March and April we looked for a way to also supply some help in the Eastern Cape.  We were able to link up with the foundation of our Springbok captain and through his foundation we are supporting 10 families for the next 3 month to ensure they have food on their tables through the tough winter months that lie ahead.



RBX Group Birthdays in June:

Darraleen Anderson, Jerry Botha, Nicola Chambers, Carmen Coetzee, Keegan Damon, Carlo Erasmus, Rhoderick Floors, Nathan Fortuin, Johnique Fransman, Cohen Geduldt, Taswald Kamfer, Anrich Lenee, Eric Leve, Rohen Ludik, Joy Nel, Martiens Oktober, Monrae Skeepers, Donvan Swartz