Challenge Accepted

River Bioscience Team take on a cycle challenge

Challenge Accepted

Note from the MD

As we enter the last month of our financial year there has been a great deal happening. A very successful trip to Europe has seen us cement some key international relationships that help us bring good products to our industry as well as move us along in the quest for a reliable partner in Europe for our new virus product.
On the home front, the last big orders for the current season have been finalised allowing for reflection on current seasons performance to help plan for the 2019 / 2020 season.

RBX Active in the Addo Orchards

Taking up a challenge is one thing that the RBX group enjoys and sometimes this even falls outside of normal work responsibilities. This was proven once again when the Executive Committee were challenged to get out into the Orchards of the Addo region to participate in the 2019 Herald Cycle Tour 30km Mountain Bike Race.

Preparations for this event varied significantly by participant. Johan purchased a new bike and built his millage up over a month to 30km at a time under the supervision of his more experienced mountain biker brother-in-law Raymond, who also rode with the team on the day.

Sean went to Europe and Skied for one day. Theunis took a bike he had in his garage to the cycle shop and there was so much to do to it, he only got it back a day before the race. Andre loaned a bike three days prior to the event. Wayne, from the CRI, was more surprised than anyone that the wheels on his bike actually still turned. Rob finally took delivery of this new bike in the week before the race so was also in new territory on the day.

RBX Group Birthdays in March:

Johan Basson, Karen Basson, Cornelius Cloete, Iris Damon, Eldunique Fortuin, Marvin Fransman, Erenst Hugo, William Humphris, Samotia Jansen, Danfred Klerk, Jason Lord, Adriaan Ludick, Alida Mentoor, Marshall Pieterse, Ricardo Siwephu, Anorelle Slinger, Athies Slinger, Mochelle Snyers, Martin Spangenberg, Maria Swart, Nicolaas Syster, Roderick Van Niekerk, Wikus Van Zyl, Johan Vorster