An enhanced label for RB1 / Blackout

An enhanced label for RB1 / Blackout

Note from the MD

The X-SIT production facility is already starting to produce for the new season.   As we slowly return to full capacity it is imperative that everyone follows the rules put in place to reduce the chances of COVID-19 coming into our work space.

Be Diligent – Stay Safe

A special note for thanks and best wishes goes to Magrieta Fortuin, pictured below, who retired on the 31st of July. Magrieta has worked at X-SIT since its start-up in 2007. The team thanks her for her dedicated contribution and wish her well for the future.

Cheers Rob


An enhanced label for RB1 / Blackout

RB1 / Blackout, our product for Citrus Black Spot, was granted emergency registration shortly before the 2017/18 citrus production season and although product growth has been good over the seasons the label did have some shortfalls.

Often with emergency registrations, there are conditional requirements that need to be submitted to the registrar within a specific time limit. This was indeed the case with RB1 where there were a few data gaps to address and our regulatory team have done an awesome job of getting this completed successfully. We are pleased to announce that as a result of all this work a revised label for RB1 was approved by Act 36 this month.

This revision sorts out some of the specific issues on the label and now allows for    RB1 / Blackout to be used throughout the citrus black spot treatment period and in a tank mix with specific azoxystrobilurin and pyraclastorbilurin fungicides.

The significant cost of securing these amendments and the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the exchange rate as well as the availability and international transport of raw materials has resulted in a price adjustment to RB1 for the up coming season and yet its price remains extremely competitive.

The importance of this product and its enhanced ease of use will however be of significant advantage to the Citrus Growers.


RBX Group Birthdays in August :

Malizca Abrahams, Cheslin Aford, Welton Basson, Cornelius Damon, Edwald Dirks, Elkeneth Dirks, Jan Dirks, Juliette  Du Preez ( Board Member), Getruida Engelbrecht, Bennit Jansen, Zoleka Marwanqana, Gurmour Pedro, Bronwill Pieters, Franco September, Paulus September, Gertruida Simon, Nadia Swart, Neilfred Swartz