African Collaborations Begin

Eastern Africa Collaborations

African Collaborations Begin

Note from the MD

Production at X-SIT for the 2018/19 season has been completed. Although the year was not without it challenges the quantity, quality and consistency of production has broken all records and allowed for fantastic delivery results in all areas.

Well Done to all the staff who have contributed to making this possible and with the huge amount of documented learnings from this season it is with renewed confidence that we look forward to the future. RBX is extending its presence both locally and outside our borders which reduces our risk.

East African Collaboration

The false codling moth (FCM) is a pest that is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa and this means that many countries are affected by the phytosanitary status of FCM in their export markets. Countries in East Africa rely heavily on their subtropical and ornamental crop exports to Europe to create jobs as well as earn foreign currency but with the increase of interceptions of FCM at receiving ports in Europe, heavy restrictions have been either implemented or threatened.

Dudutech is a division of Flamingo Horticulture who is one of the largest ornamental flower exporters from Africa. Dudutech was established in 2001 in order to develop solutions for key pests on Flamingo farms and has rapidly grown into a global biotechnology business who manufacture macro and micro-invertebrates. Their products are distributed throughout Africa, the Americas and in the Mediterranean.

In April 2019 River Bioscience signed a distribution agreement for Cryptogran with Dudutech for Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Ethiopia. Although sales are not expected for a few years due to the onerous regulatory processes we are confident that Dudutech will be able to navigate this framework successfully. Over and above this agreement River Bioscience and Dudutech are evaluating other business opportunities that will hopefully result in an increase of both companies footprints in African agriculture.

RBX Group Birthdays in June:

Darreleen Anderson; Jerry Botha; Nicola Chambers; Carmen Coetzee; Carlo Erasmus; Rhoderick Floors; Nathan Fortuin; Lawrence Jonas; Taswald Kamfer; Anrich Lenee; Eric Leve; Rohen Ludik; Joy Nel; Martiens Oktober; Monrae Skeepers; Antonie Swart; Donvan Swartz; Noel Wiehahn; Willem Witbooi.