About Us

River Bioscience are bio-technology experts, with roots in South Africa, manufacturing and commercialising crop protection products and services for local and international citrus and other agricultural markets.

We support top quality, sustainable and cost-effective crop production in an ecologically-friendly manner.


River Bioscience was established in 2004 as a sister company of Citrus Research International (CRI). The company is a fully owned commercial subsidiary of the Southern African Citrus Growers Association.


River Bioscience was the first company to produce, register and launch a granulovirus product for commercial pest control of false codling moth (FCM). River Bioscience was also the first company to register and commercialise a bollworm nucleopolyhedrovirus in South Africa. We invest in innovation and thorough scientific research in order to serve our clients and the agricultural community of Africa.



River Bioscience was established with the following main objectives:

• To commercialise innovations, developments and discoveries arising from the CRI research.

• To provide the Southern African Citrus Industry with innovative products aimed at improving its global competitiveness.

• Profits are returned to the industry research and technical support structures,
under the direct control of the Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa.

• Expansion of innovative plant protection products into other sectors of agriculture in Southern Africa.



River Bioscience has invested 100% shareholding in XSIT, a company based on the sterile insect technique (SIT). More than 18,000 hectares of citrus and grapes are under the SIT program for false codling moth control.


XSIT plays a significant role in the area wide suppression of false codling moth, which is regarded as a phytosanitary pest to important markets where our citrus is exported to. By River Bioscience investing in XSIT, we are assisting with contributing to the control of strategically important pests, as well as helping to drive the sustainability of our industry through supporting continued market access.