A Refreshing New Look

A Refreshing New Look

Note from the MD

The next few winter months are surely going to be some of the most challenging faced by South Africans for a long time. The start of the peak of the Corona Virus and the colder temperatures are going to combine to make life very difficult for a large number of our citizens.

Although lockdown has been hard to live through the risk in the Western and Eastern Cape, where most of our colleagues live, is on the rise so it is impossible for us to relax or drop our precautionary actions.

With X-SIT on its annual break many are also taking some holiday so it is up to all of us to be extremely careful so that we can return refreshed and healthy to get the new season underway.

Cheers Rob

A Refreshing New Look

River Bioscience started in 2003 and X-SIT in 2007. Over the years their logos have become well known in the industry and although it was agreed that a modernization of the logos would be a good idea, the legacy of the years that have passed should not be lost.

With the help of a professional agency and some robust discussion in the management team we are proud to launch the refreshed logos for our two companies as we move into the future.

The grid over the leaf in the old River Bioscience logo may seem cosmetic but this grid represents an important part of the scientific methods we undertake to ensure high quality products and accurate experimental design in our research. For this reason the grid has remained incorporated into the new logo but represented in a more subtle manner.  The moth on the X-SIT logo has been  redesigned,  reducing  its size and changing its colour,  to create a fresher and more modern look. The style of letters in both logos are also more aligned than before making them easier to be seen as both being part of the RBX Group. 


RBX Group Birthdays in July:  Ernest Adonis, Liana De Araujo, Robert Elfick, Malvene Filander, Colin Januarie, Elizabeth Kellerman, Mlungiseleli Lolwana, Livona Ludick, Siyabulela Lutholi, Clarissa Mouton, Francois Mouton, Hester Nortje, Julian Persens, Franco Pieters, Jan-Louis Pretorius (Director), Lungisa Qulu, Norman Ruiters, Emeel Ruiters, Mzimkhulu Solani, Hendrik Syster, Carol Titus, Lesley Valentyn, Moliza-Marie Valentyn, Brendon Van Der Westhuizen