A Celebration in Citrusdal

A Celebration in Citrusdal

Note from the MD

Well done to all the organizers and everyone who participated in making the season ending function in Citrusdal such an awesome day. Other events were also held elsewhere in the group as our season end party replaces the previous “Christmas” or calendar year end party. Production for the new season is about to start in Citrusdal so it is once again all hands on deck. Cheers Rob

A Celebration in Citrusdal

With the 2018/2019 season being a record breaker in so many ways for the production quantity, quality and consistency at the Citrusdal facility, the first ever season end function was held on the 4th of July. A community hall was hired and the field staff from the Orange, Oliphants and Hex Rivers joined all the production staff and management from the factory for an afternoon of celebration.

Local radio personality, Rooies, entertainedall with some live music and interactive banter that had the crowed engaged.

Special prizes were given out including Long service awards to Gertruida Simon,Elizabeth Booise, Marieta Groenewald, Zonia Fortuin, Christo Douries, Gurmour Pedro and Karen Basson who have all worked at X-SIT for over 10 years.

A superb lamb spit braai was served and a surprise had been promised on which the organisers delivered. Chesne Geldenhuys, our facility manager rounded off the function by singing an outstanding rendition of the old


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Malizca Abrahams, Cheslin Aford, Welton Basson, Cornelius Damon, Elkeneth Dirks,Jan Dirks, Edwald Dirks, Getruida Engelbrecht, Bennit Jansen,Zoleka Marwanqana, Jacques Mentoor, Gurmour Pedro,Bronwill Pieters, Derick Pieters, Cirel Pieters, Marius Prinsloo,Gertruida Simon, Nadia Swart, Neilfred Swartz