2017 Wrap Up

2017 Wrap Up

Note from the CEO

The first three months of the 2017/2018 season has been an extremely challenging time for the RBX Group. The awesome job of completing the changes at X-SIT in July August have been over shadowed by the difficulties in getting the new extruding process to show the results in full production that were obtained in testing. The departure of Keith and introduction of Sean and Clint has seen major disruptions at RB as well.

Thanks to huge effort SIT production is now much better and the changes at RB are gaining traction. I trust that this will allow us all to have as good a festive season as possible during this busy time. Cheers Rob

Another Registration for the RBX Group – SIT

The Sterile Insect Technique has been applied to control a diverse range of pests since the early 1940’s, including Medfly, Codling Moth and Pink Bollworm. The successful commercialisation of SIT on FCM by X-SIT in 2007 has demonstrated the commercial viability of the technique. This is based on the underlying value to the various stakeholders in both the South African citrus and table grape export industries whose livelihood is threatened by the phytosanitary status of this pest.

The recent successful registration of this technique by DAFF is a clear recognition of the role that bio-control methods can and must play to ensure a sustainable future for the entire value chain and consumer. It is also a demonstration of the competitive advantage and leading role that RBX is playing in the industry with it’s basket of remedies.

Birthdays in December and January:

Eva Adams, Patrick Africa, Cameron Brink, Andre Fortuin, Gert Fransman, Wilbur Fransman, Wilfred Fransman, Winfred Fransman, Thandisizwe Jack, Bronwon Jansen, Julius Leeba, Christopher Maarman, Gretchen Mentoor, Lwandile Msuthwana, Hugo Nel, Simon Nqubelani, Ashwon Pieters, Ryno Rademeyer, Cedric Titus, Marshelino Titus, Peter Valentyn, Xolani Zamxaka.Wishing you all a very happy celebration