SIT Available in New Area

SIT Available in New Area

Note from the MD

With two months of the new season  completed we are able to see the results of all the planning and preparation that is done before the season. The SIT programme continues to produce fantastic production and release results, while the first round of SPLAT FCM applications are well under way.

The impact of the drought in certain areas is a massive challenge for the industry and that includes us. Opportunities for SPLAT application with new customers and in other areas  will be the focus over the next months into 2020.

Cheers Rob

SIT Available in New Area

Since November 2017 X-SIT has consistently met or exceeded the difficult target of rearing and delivering 2 000 sterile and healthy False Codling Months (FCM) per hectare over approximately 18 000 hectares of agriculture in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape.

The rearing of over 50 million FCM a week for 44 weeks of each year is a challenge that no other organisation in the world has got right. X-SIT, however, has a documented and managed process that everyone in the South African FCM SIT programme can be extremely proud of.

One opportunity that the above allows is the possibility to expand our coverage. With this in mind a new office  has  been   opened  in  the Breede   River   Valley   in   the Western  Cape.  This  office  is  situated   at   Zandvliet   Wine  Estate  in  Ashton  with  Dano Erasmus responsible for running the operations with two monitoring and release personnel. The Breede River Valley is one of the largest fruit and wine  producing valleys.

In the first year of presence in this valley we will be servicing farms as per the table below with all releases done by quad bikes. This move has allowed us to increase our hectares serviced to 18 600 and results from this year will indicate what is possible in the future.





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